Watch to Travel Japan with Scents and Art

Tokyo, a Japan’s brand as well as the leading center of a new culture. Sumo-wrestling, the part Japanese Shinto ritual, part festival, and part martial arts or budō, and also a traditional form of entertainment.

TOKYO series is decorated with the symbolic art of Tokyo.



SUMO Black


Enveloped by forest, feel the breeze in whiteness.

The scent of hinoki, a high-quality building material is well known for its natural insect repelling and relaxing qualities. Hōryū-ji, a Buddhist temple built in the Asuka period, is a famous building constructed from this wood. Japanese people with long lives have been known to enjoy hinoki’s scent from 1300 years ago. Its English name is “Japanese Cypress”.

Feel the fragrance loved by the three most beautiful women in the world.

A fresh and elegant scent of Sumi wafts in the air . Feel like an aristocrat with a watch that produces a scent which has been loved by them from ancient times for its rarity and preciousness. The scent can help you concentrate, and calm your nerve.

The flavor of the Japanese spirit

Smell the wonderful citrus essence that have been used by Japanese people since time immemorial. It has been used in delightful Japanese cuisine. This calming fragrance was incredibility popular during the Edo period. Yuzu is the flavor of the Japanese spirit, and it continues to permeate into Japanese life to this very day.

Scent of Agarwood Incense adds “healing” to our everyday lives.

It is said that incense was introduced into Japan with Buddhism around the 6th century. During the Heian period (794-1185), it became popular among the aristocracy. In Sengoku period (1467-1590), it is said that the samurai warriors perfumed their armors. They burned the incense to calm their minds before going to a battle. The incense has been used in various places throughout the ages. Nowadays, it is added to our everyday lives to ‘heal’ modern people tired from daily stress.

Glittering Day and Night. The World’s Ticking TOKYO

Illuminated by the rising sun, people start moving. The white-based color of the dial plate represents the meaning of “bright”, “possibility”, “infinity” and “peace”. Flying birds represent “hope” “leap forward” and “freedom”. They are expressed in the design in combination with the Japanese traditional scent of Hinoki.

Tokyo nightscape with the moon light.

The dial-plate shows the streets of Tokyo glitter like jewels in the moonlight at night. The scent of yuzu (citrus) brings out the atmosphere of “calmness”, “cool” and “elegance”.

The wrestler’s loincloth (mawashi) in “purple” has been a special color approved to wear only for “yokozuna”, the champion wrestler.

Sumo wrestling, where a rikishi (wrestler) competes with his opponent by grappling with each other in the ring. And, Mawashi is only one thing that rikishi wears to fight at a grand sumo tournament. Sekitori includes the top and the second highest division among the six ranked divisions of professional sumo. They are allowed to wear navy blue and purple.The rikishi who is under the Makushita uses the white mawashi made from cotton or sailcloth. The design uses purple as the background color and color of the mawashi to express the highest rank.

“Sumo wrestler’s appearance of bravely stamping one’s feet for a warm-up” is expressed in the design.

For the rikishi motif and its background, there is a “sayagata” pattern. It means infinity. And, is considered to be a pattern of “timeless eternity”. It indicates a family’s prosperity or long life. It is preferred to be worn during a celebration since ancient times. This is because of its endless, continuous pattern.


Color Tokyo WHITE KAORU002TH / Tokyo GRAY KAORU002TY
Sumo wrestling BLACK KAORU002SB / Sumo wrestling BLUE KAORU002SJ
Case material Polucarbonate
Case size Height38 × Width38mm / Thickness8.5mm
Strap material Silicone
Strap size Width18mm / Circumference 12.5-21cm
Weight 28g Waterproof Water resistant
Movement Japan Made Assembled Japan
Case cover Plactic Warranty Half year

More Choices

All six types of JAPAN series consist of Japan’s representative Mt.Fuji, talisman Maneki-neko and Daruma, the samurai warriors Oda Nobunaga and Sanada Yukimura designed as motifs.

All three types of KYOTO series consists of Chōjū-giga Model that is a caricature scroll depicting humorous rabbit and frog, and Kyoto’s symbol, the Maiko design.

All two types of OSAKA series consist of friendly Osaka dialect design and illustration of local food.

Each watch chooses a story of Japanese Virtue

Japanese Patterns of package portray Japanese traditions and sporits.

The packageing is cute like bag of candy and makes for an ideal present.


This is a buddhist scriptures term meaning “seven precious treasures”. It refers to such treasures as gold, silver, and lapis lazuli.The pattern of chained cloisonne is associated with the symbol of “peace and harmony” because of its endless linkage.


The name Ichimatsu is associated with Kabuki actor Ichimatsu Sanogawa who wore this pattern on his costume. This pattern is loved as a type of plaid and has been well known internationally from long ago.


This pattern was named due to its similarity to the shape of the hemp leaves. Associated wituh the fast and straight growth of hemp, this pattern was often used to express a wish for a child’s growth.

The logos of “KAORU” and “Made in Japan” are engraved in the back of the watches case as an assurance of quality.