KAORU Watch Enveloped in Scents

New Challenge that Japanese Watch Maker Aims for.
That is KAORU series.

Memory incudes not only the scenery, but also the air and scents are a part of it. That is why, these watches evolved into an item that conveys scents aside from the mere function of showing time. Japanese Technology to the World.

It's your choice!

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Wrapped in heading aromas, KAORU introduces the very first digital watch series. Leaving only the necessary functions, a more sophisticated design delights the five senses and befits a variety of fashion styles with the material's texture, the delicate color scheme, and the aroma scent.

The memories of travel is not only the scenery, but also its air and scents felt in the place. New products were developed which convey Japanese technology. They convey the spirit of craftsmanship and the scents of Japan to both domestic and overseas.

“Watch of Traveling Japan” as a Concept. The local series includes Japanese famous places, local specialties, its history and traditions as art. Four types of Series Released - Japan, Tokyo, Kyoto and Osaka.

All five types of JAPAN series consist of Japan's representative Mt.Fuji, Nishikigoi, and Waves designed by Katsushika Hokusai, one of the most famous Ukiyo-e painters as motifs.

All four types of TOKYO series expressed powerfully the glittering day and night, the world’s ticking Tokyo streets and Japan’s representative sport Sumo wrestling.

All three types of KYOTO series consists of Chōjū-giga Model that is a caricature scroll depicting humorous rabbit and frog, and Kyoto’s symbol, the Maiko design.

All two types of OSAKA series consist of friendly Osaka dialect design and illustration of local food.

"meiji THE Chocolate" conveys the flavor characteristics of each of the 3 cacao production areas. Enjoy the differences in fragrance of each area with the uniquely processed strap.

It tells you the time with soft and sweet scents. FRAGRANCE SERIES It’s Hello Kitty’s favourite, homemade apple pie made by mon & an enjoyable tea-time. A series of fragrances with a light and sweet scents inspired by handmade sweets. Three kinds of scents to choose from vanilla, strawberry, and coconut.

This watch smells like fresh coffee and slightly sweet vanilla. Appreciating street art, Hello Kitty wakes up to the art of trendy cafe. This model designed based on the art of typography. The red ribbon, which is Hello Kitty’s trademartk, and the “Hello Kitty” logo are the accents for the design.

The “North Star Four Brothers Series” from “Fist of the North Star”, published serially “Weekly Shonen Jump” from 1983 to 1988 and became a social phenomenon. The package features many famous scenes of Kenshiro, Raoh, Toki and Jagi.

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